Sunday Short Takes

Short round-up this week. I’m sure there were some things that got past me during the ridiculously busy week I just had, but here are a couple of things I managed to catch:

* Cromwell and royal letters to stay in NorthamptonshireLetters signed by Queen Elizabeth I and Oliver Cromwell are to stay in Northamptonshire thanks to a £650,000 grant secured to buy them.

* Saoirse Ronan Is Mary Queen Of Scots – I’m not sure if this is another go at the project that Scarlett Johansson was previously attached to, or something new. The screenplay is being written by Michael Hirst, writer of “Elizabeth”, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” and creator/writer of “The Tudors”.

And finally…

* Westminster Abbey has launched a new section of their website featuring the work done to conserve the 13th century Cosmati Pavement at the heart of the Abbey. There is a lot of great material on the site to explore!

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  1. Michael Hirst writing the screenplay for “Mary, QOS”? I’m already not interested in the film 🙁

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