Sunday Short Takes

Since a lot of stuff piled up while I was traveling for work (and then recovering from a cold I brought back with me) there will be a lot of links today!


There were several articles about the discovery of medieval underwear in an Austrian castle last week. The items are of interest since they show that these types of undergarments are older than had been generally thought.

* Discovered in a castle vault, the scraps of lace that show lingerie was all the rage 500 years ago – From The Daily Mail

* Medieval lingerie – From History Extra

* Medieval lingerie from Lengberg Castle, East-Tyrol – From Universit


  1. Ha! Yes, I do think they were having a laugh – since there are so many things you could use to argue against as to why anyone would take the petition seriously. But it did get late-15th century history in the news for a while, so that was something. 🙂

  2. Keith Braidwood

    Michael Wood discussed London’s black community in his 2003 mini-series In Search of Shakespeare visiting St Botolphs to do so. Apparently Shakespeare wrote Othello at the same time the government were considering removing the black community from London. Good news about the Rose too but I wish both the Guardian and Telegraph would get the name of the Chair of the Trustees correct. It is Harvey Sheldon not Henry (Telegraph) or Harry (Guardian). Something of an expert in the building of Roman roads too if a previous episode of Time Team is anything to go by.

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