Sunday Short Takes

* Mary I: England’s Catholic Queen – Q&A with author Dr John Edwards at the BBC History Magazine book club

* Illuminations: The Private Lives of Medieval Kings – Series on BBC Four

* Revealed: The handwritten prayer book love notes sent by Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn before they married – (Related to above) Amazing hand-written love notes in the margin of a prayer book between a lovesick Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, as he wooed her, are to be revealed in a new BBC television series.

* Also on BBC Four – A Renaissance Education: The Schooling of Thomas More’s Daughter

* Vatican throws light on history as it opens secret archives – This the exhibition I mentioned in a round-up last year

* Defiance and fear of Mary Queen of Scots revealed in letter to Vatican sent months before execution (Related to above)

And coming in just under the wire as I was getting ready to post this:

* Henry VIII had a secret daughter who should have taken English throne before Elizabeth I, historian claims – Interesting claims, but color me skeptical

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