Sunday Short Takes

* A follow-up to a story from two weeks ago, Elizabeth Taylor’s necklace containing the pearl ‘La Peregrina’ ended up selling for $11.8 million (£7.6 million)

* Unrequited Love? 16th-Century Erotic Poem DiscoveredNearly 450 years ago, when England was tearing itself apart over religion, a Catholic woman named Lady Elizabeth Dacre wrote an elegant but at times erotic Latin love poem to Sir Anthony Cooke, a Protestant and tutor to King Edward VI, the successor of Henry VIII. (Suzannah Lipscomb had a short article about this in the Times, but unfortunately it is behind a paywall. If anyone has more info from that article, please post it in the comments!)

* Rival Queens, Precious Books – From the British Library’s Manuscripts blog, links to two new additions to their digitized collection: Lady Jane Grey’s Prayer Book and The Queen Mary Psalter.

* On the Tudor Trail: Winners of our Tudor Ghost Story Contest! – Congrats to winner Lisa Tecoulesco and runner-up Katherine Marcella!

* And a new blog discovery: Art History News by Bendor Grosvenor. After a discussion about the Holbein drawing of Anne Boleyn on Twitter (mentioned in the post), Grosvenor posted about his research into its identification in 2006. See Anne Boleyn regains her head for all the details. See also Most Tudor stuff for a transcription of the inventory of Kathryn Howard’s jewels and how it relates to the Holbein miniature.

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