Sunday Short Takes

* The Middle Ages in colour – A lovely BBC video in honor of the opening of the British Library’s Royal Manuscripts exhibition that I blogged about previously

* FiveBooks Interviews > Thomas Penn on Henry VII – Another great interview from The Browser (and thankfully I already have three of the books he recommended, so I didn’t have to add too many things to my wishlist)

* Volunteers for the 2012 Season – Sudeley Castle is looking for help with some upcoming projects including the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Katherine Parr’s birth

* Rare tankard finally returns to Glastonbury Abbey – “A rare carved oak tankard, said to have been saved from King Henry VIII’s looters during the Dissolution of the Monasteries is to be returned to Glastonbury Abbey for the first time in 125 years.”

One Comment:

  1. They’re going to reenact Katherine Parr’s funeral at the Sudeley event, which should be interesting. Maybe some lucky volunteer will get to play Lady Jane Grey, the chief mourner.

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