Upcoming exhibitions and books

Here’s the round-up of some of the upcoming books and exhibitions for late October through November. Again, there are probably things I’ve missed but the Tudors are just too popular!


* I have conflicting information on a new work on Catherine of Aragon by Patrick Williams… some have it out this past week, but it looks like June 1 of next year is the official release date. If anyone knows more, please let me know.

* A new work by Eric Ives entitled The Reformation Experience is out November 18 in the UK and August 1, 2012 in the US:

* Philip of Spain, King of England: The Forgotten Sovereign by Harry Kelsey will be released November 30 in the UK and January 31, 2012 in the US. I’m looking forward to this one since I don’t know a whole lot about Philip’s time as King consort to Mary I.


* As I posted about yesterday, the British Library’s Royal Manuscripts exhibition opens November 11 and runs through March 13, 2012. Among the works exhibited will be Henry VIII’s Psalter and the Hours of Elizabeth the Queen (a work owned by, but not created for, Elizabeth of York).


  1. Lara – thanks for posting about the Philip of Spain book, I had missed that one.

    Will go to the BL manuscripts exhibition next time I’m down south. As I’ve said before – it’s a hard life but someone has to do it! Will have a coffee & a sticky bun on your behalf when I’m there.

  2. Mmmmm, sticky buns sound soooo good right now. 🙂 Have a great time at the exhibit when you go! Even though the iPad app is nice, I think I’m going to buy the catalog. I can’t get enough of illuminated manuscripts!

  3. King Philip II of Spain is a Bourbon king that is very important in he Philippines. He is responsible for sending the Portuguese navigator, Fernando Magallanes to the Spice Islands in the East in search for that prized food commodity but ended up discovering an archipelago in Southeast Asia named after King Philip II, known today as the Philippines.

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