Sunday Short Takes

Yes, they’re back! I think the relatively slow summer news time is past and things are starting to pick up again.

* Archive discovery reveals the identity of Yorkist footsoldier at the Battle of Bosworth – Historians searching through a medieval register at Norfolk Records Office last week revealed the will of Thomas Longe, made on August 16 1485, which they say gives them the first positive ID of an ordinary Yorkist soldier involved in the Battle of Bosworth.

* Simon Forman: The Astrologer’s Tables – Lauren Kassell reveals how the casebooks, diaries and diagrams of the late-16th-century astrologer Simon Forman provide a unique perspective on a period when the study of the stars began to embrace modern science.

* Tudor dress hook treasure – A Tudor silver gilt dress hook believed to be more than 400 years old was pronouned to be treasure at an inquest in Lynn.

* It’s Nostra-dumbass! Astrologer predicted Henry VIII would marry well and take care of the church – A medieval astrologer who predicted that Henry VIII would have a happy marriage and be a devoted servant to the Catholic church must have been gazing at anything other than the stars.
(Noted in the article – this is the same astrologer who said that Elizabeth of York would live to be 80. She died at age 37.)

* And finally, some YouTube videos of note! Claire of The Anne Boleyn Files has uploaded two new videos on Anne Boleyn’s Appearance and Anne Boleyn’s Prison and Execution Spot to her YouTube Channel. Also, the creator of AskMeHistoryStuff alerted me to several Tudor-related videos on her channel. Check them out!

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