History Today article on Mary Seymour

I’m sure most of you have seen this already since half the Tudor blogosphere beat me to it (bad combination of my time zone and a busy morning at work), but the Mary Seymour article that I mentioned in the Sunday Short Takes a couple of days ago has now been posted at the History Today website. I was so pleased that this turned out to be one of the articles that they posted the full text of so everyone would get a chance to read it!

What became of the baby daughter of Henry VIII’s widow Katherine Parr and her disgraced fourth husband Thomas Seymour after their deaths? Linda Porter unravels a Tudor mystery.

On August 30th, 1548 Katherine Parr, widow of Henry VIII and then wife of Thomas Seymour, Lord Sudeley, gave birth to a daughter at her fourth husband’s country seat, Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire. Katherine was 36 years old and the pregnancy, so far as we know, was her first. For Tudor times this was very late to be embarking on motherhood and Katherine, plagued by morning sickness and general discomfort, found the experience trying.

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