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Thanks to everyone who submitted questions and a BIG thanks to Sandra Worth for taking the time to answer them! As a reminder, Sandra’s latest book Pale Rose of England is available now!

From Rose:

1) a) Any idea of how Warbeck treated Catherine for the time they were together?


  1. If Henry VII believed that Perkin Warbeck was the true prince and thus had him executed, how did that go over with Perkin’s supposed sister, Elizabeth, wife to Henry VII?

    Or did he tell her Perkin was an imposter? But then, couldn’t she have known herself if Perkin was her brother or not?


  2. Gilda,

    According to several sources I read (maybe all) Elizabeth of York was not permitted to have any contact with Perkin. That in itself is strange, because if Perkin was a fraud, she could have verified that for Henry. Perkin and Edward of Warwick were executed (within five days of one another). Based on Elizabeth’s comment after Arthur’s death that “We can have more children”, a historian has suggested that Elizabeth had banished Henry from her bed after the executions.

    I hope this helps. The full scenario is in the book, and there is a lengthy Author’s Note for those as interested in the subject as you are.


    Everyone thinks it’s because he executed

  3. Thanks to Sandra for the answer to the 1st/3rd person narrative question.

    The youtube promo is excellent – anyone know the music?

  4. Glad you like the music, Shtove.
    The piece was especially written for my video based on Mozart’s “Lacrymosa” – “stripped down with some modern elements, but also retaining the classical format in Mozart’s original. with a variation” (according to the composer- the singing is also her voice). If you like it, it’s available for download on, scroll down to the widget, click “Extras” then “Download Lacrimosa Pale Rose Mix” (the widget is below the cover and takes a moment to load.

  5. Clarification- that’s the composer’s quote, hence the quotation marks. And she’s the one singing.

  6. Thank you for the responses to my questions, Sandra! After seeing your answer, I had a look at Letters & Papers and there is indeed a notation in there for June 1517, granting “Dame Katherine Gordon, widow” the manor of Frylsham “provided that she do not quit England for Scotland or any other foreign country.” There’s a certain similarity to Anne of Cleves’ case, although at least Perkin Warbeck’s widow was able to remarry.

    I look forward to reading your book. And I definitely will take another look at Ann Wroe’s book.

  7. I think Perkin Warbeck is an anagram of Prince Richard and Lambert Simnel is an anagram of Prince Edward.I think the d and b were swopped and the m and w to mislead the enemy. Almost all the letters for Edward are in one anagram and almost all the letters for Richard are in the other.Also all the letters for prince is in one of the anagrams. Elizabeth Woodville would have had time to do these anagrams in sanctuary. Also there are 13 letters in Lambert Simnel and Perkin Warbeck. The Richard and Warbeck anagram leaves the letters Rich and 3 letters linked which could mean Richard 111. There are 9 letters taken from one name in one anagram and 8 in the other. I would really like to know what you think about this.

  8. According to the story, Catherine never knew how badly her husband was beaten after his second escape attempt. Is this historically accurate? I find it very hard that no one would mention this to her.

  9. Where was Perkin Warbeck buried ?
    Can we DNA test to establish if he really was Richard Duke of York?

  10. I have just been reading a comment left by Ruth 25.11.2013 as to where was Perkin Warbeck buried so that it might be possible to test for DNA to establish if Perkin Warbeck was the Duke of York this could be com pared to Richard III s dna and thus prove, I feel that, Richard did not murder the Princes in the Tower.

  11. Did Elizabeth of York and Elizabeth Woodville ever support Perkin Warbeck? Elizabeth Woodville had only two years left to live when he decided to try for a claim to the throne, but what about her reaction, did she ever meet him?

  12. Desiree Donahoe

    If Perkins Warbeck has descendants or claimed descendants and now that they have found Richard the thirds remains and have his D N A why doesn’t someone do a test to see if Perkins was the monarch

  13. Is it known what happened to the child of Warbeck and Katherine and are their any remaining family today?

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