Sunday Short Takes

Lots of links piled up this week!

* Video: History comes alive at Katharine of Aragon festival – Some of the events from Peterborough Cathedral‘s Katharine of Aragon Festival

* Historic

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  1. I rather like Henry VIII in the first link introducing himself as “I, King Henry VIII and my queen, Katherine of Aragon, welcome you to Peterborough Cathedral. We’re here to commemorate, um, the anniversary …” (pauses, looks uneasy) “… of the funeral of Katherine of Aragon,” with Katherine of Aragon next to him smiling fixedly at the camera. Very meta.

    Also, the coffin-faced court official instructing the tittering commoner to bow her head and not look at the king (“Stop looking at him!”) as she approaches with her question, which is fairly innocuous (“Your Majesty, how many meals did you have each day … about?”; clearly Henry has been well-primed to address this important historical issue) compared to what she might have taxed him with: “Your Majesty, can you explain your views, as expounded in Assertio Septem Sacramentorem adversum Martinum Lutherum, and how they might be reconciled with the reformation legislation of 1532-33 and in the later 1530s?”, etc.

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