Sunday Short Takes

* Boffins use space science to unlock the secrets of Suffolk Tudor tombs

* Linda Porter Reads from Katherine the Queen

* Government Art Collection to go on public display

* Westminster Abbey to get million pound makeover in time for the royal wedding

* Bothwell’s descendants call for return of earl’s remains


  1. Are there any descendants of Bothwell? Did he father any children?

  2. I was wondering about that, since as far as I know, Bothwell didn’t have any children, but this article (and one I linked to back in 2006) call Sir Alastair Buchan-Hepburn a descendant of the Earl. He was even offering DNA for testing of Bothwell’s remains, but I’m wondering how sure Sir Alastair is of his relation to Bothwell? I was suspecting at first it was just another example of sloppy terminology (calling someone a “descendant” when they are more accurately described as “relatives”), but this article calls him a direct descendant. Strange.

  3. The Daily Telegraph calls them distant cousins, but Sir Alastair seems keen to have the DNA tests.

  4. Bothwell had various ladyfriends, including Anna Throndsen/Rustung, whose family allegedly helped get him penned up in the Danish dungeon – perhaps Sir Alastair is his descendant by one of these women (his name is hyphenated, which might indicate he is more probably collaterally related). The U.K. Observer has an article about the quest to return Bothwell’s body and mentions a new book on the Earl’s merits.

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