New Mary Rose collectible items

Image from The Royal Mint


THE MARY Rose has been chosen to feature on a set of commemorative coins for 2011.

The historic ship, housed at Portsmouth’s dockyard, is one of six coins that will be in circulation from next year and has been produced by the Royal Mint.

The Mary Rose, which was King Henry VIII’s flagship, has been chosen as next year marks the 500th anniversary of the great ship’s maiden voyage.

The image has been done by designer John Bergdahl and around the edge of the coin, a Latin inscription reads ‘your noblest shippe 1511’.

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You can get a collectible version with an information folder from The Royal Mint here. I’ll be getting one to go with my Henry VIII 500th and Elizabeth I 450th accession anniversary special coins. 🙂


Press release image from The Mary Rose 500 Appeal

Unfortunately this particular collectible is a little out of my price range…

Press release from The Mary Rose 500 Appeal:

Alan Titchmarsh Pledges Support to New Mary Rose Museum Campaign

Broadcaster and author Alan Titchmarsh is putting his weight behind the campaign to build a spectacular new


  1. Hilda van Huyssteen

    Good day

    What is the price for a 2 pound Mary Rose coin?

  2. I have a small cased booklet “The Relic Of The Mary Rose” with a section of timber from the ship on the cover which my wife bought me for a birthday present in April 1973.It is signed by Margaret Rule and numbered 221.Could you give me an idea of the current value of this artefact.

  3. You might try looking around ebay or something like that. Often the ‘value’ of something is what someone is willing to pay for it at any given moment.

  4. I have a piece of timber on a plaque with certificate , is it worth anything ?

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