Picture of the Week #70

Stained glass window in St. Gredifael’s Church, near Penmynydd, Wales. Photo May 2000.

Penmynydd is on the Isle of Anglesey, off the northwest coast of Wales. The area is ancenstral land of the Tudors and the great-great aunt and uncle of Henry VII are buried at the church.

The lettering around the window translates from the Welsh to “Unity is like a rose on a river bank, and like a House of Steel on the top of a mountain”. The Welsh of “House of Steel” is Ty Dur, or Tudor.

The top part of the window are parts of the royal regalia of England, the middle is a cluster of Tudor roses and the bottom part is a portcullis, which was the symbol of the Beaufort family.

This was the window that I mentioned back in 2007 had been smashed by vandals. If I remember correctly, it has since been restored, and I think they were able to incorporate some fragments of the original back in to the new window.

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