Picture of the Week #58

Marker for Lady Jane Grey and others in the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula in the Tower of London. Photo May 1998.

I thought this would be an appropriate picture for this week since the anniversary of Jane’s (and Guildford’s for that matter) execution is Friday. I took this photo on my first visit to the Tower – May 19, 1998. There were roses on Anne Boleyn’s marker that day since it was the anniversary of her execution and I asked the Beefeater if I could take a photo of them. I don’t know if it was because I looked like a young and clueless American (which I was!) or what, but he said yes. After snapping that photo, I quickly shot this one as well.


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  2. It is such a shame that these graves weren’t properly marked at the time of burial. Alison Weir talks about how the bodies were exhumed during Queen Victoria’s reign and there was sadly a lot of confusion and also missing bodies.

  3. When I worked at St. Paul’s as a stonemason we did some outside jobs for a while – that plaque was carved by the then carver Tony, & I went & fixed it with a colleague. I recall it was very annoying as we could only work in 15 minute slots approx between the guided tours.

  4. Love site by the way

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