National Trust Properties in Google Street View

This is very cool! I first saw mention of this collaboration in this Birmingham Post article:

Solihull National Trust property added to Google street view

It was a case of try before you buy but now you can see before going.

Baddesley Clinton, near Solihull, is one of the newest National Trust properties which has been added to Google Street View, available through Google Maps.

The atmospheric house dates from 15th century and visitors can discover the priest’s holes used to hide persecuted Jesuit priests in the 1590s, as well as view the Elizabethan interiors.

Those thinking of spending a Sunday afternoon there can go a specially created online tour or view some of the other 19 locations including Berrington Hall in Herefordshire, Lyme Park in Cheshire and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, which have been added.

The images were taken last summer using the Google Trike, a three wheeled bike fitted with a Street View camera.

Full article (with a link to the maps page for Baddesley Clinton at the bottom)

And here’s the link to the page with links to all the National Trust properties available.

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