Musical discovery in the Stirling Castle carvings

From The Daily Mail:

Scotland’s earliest harp music was encrypted in an unknown binary code in a ceilings at Stirling Castle.

Wood carver John Donaldson discovered the mysterious code around the head of a woman in a wood panel that adorned the bed chamber of King James V of Scotland.

And now, for the first time in almost 500 years, the historic music has been brought to life on harps played by pupils at Allan


  1. It would be nice if we could have heard the music too!

  2. I know! a little file sample or something!

    Totally cool.

  3. I found a link to a BBC article with a clip of someone playing it on the harp. It’s nice! I’ve updated the post, but here’s the link again, just in case:

  4. I have heard of this castle but I have never heard about the roman numeral carvings on one of the walls there.Who would think that it actually symbolized a sonnet?! Fascinating.:-)
    It is funny that it took for this mans son to examine this and find out what it meant.So the father couldn’t even work it out.Clever.!

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