TudorCast #24 – May 2009

May podcast show notes:

Henry VIII’s Twitter profile (by Historic Royal Palaces)

The British Library’s Henry VIII: Man and Monarch podcasts

The British Library’s Henry VIII: Man and Monarch blog

Christ’s College, Cambridge Margaret Beaufort commemoration event

“English Renaissance Music” by La Primavera at Magnatune.com

Episode transcript

Direct mp3 download

*** One small correction to the podcast – I noticed I said that Margaret Beaufort died just three months after son, but I actually wrote two months, which is more accurate.

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  1. I really enjoy the podcast, and have never had anything to complain about. But I did notice that you pronounced "comptroller" as it is spelled, when it is in fact pronounced the same as the word "controller." This was beaten into my brain by David Prindle, a professor in the Department of Government (at UT, where I go and can tell you work based on your description of the telescope at a university in Austin, Texas).

  2. Ha! That's funny… I don't think I ever knew that was another of those tricky words. I looked it up in the dictionary and I noticed that the second and third pronunciations do retain the M (but the P is still listed as (p), so should be silent), which is interesting. (I took a few linguistics classes at UT, so I do legitimately find this interesting!)

    I admit that I incorrectly pronounce the T in often too… I'm not sure I can break the habit now. 🙂

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