TudorCast #23 – April 2009

Here it is, finally!

Henry VIII 500th Anniversary events page

August 2007 podcast that included Empson and Dudley: http://tudorhistory.org/podcast/08-2007.html

La Primavera at Magnatune.com

Episode Transcript

Direct mp3 download

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  1. ned this morning. Welcome back. We’ve missed you!

  2. I saw the little blue dot in my iTunes podcast section next to TudorCast and did a double-take. I am so excited! Lara, have you ever seen a grown woman do a happy dance over a podcast? Well, feel free to imagine it.

  3. Donsie – Hehe! I’m not sure I’ve ever had anyone do a happy dance over something I did! 🙂

  4. One of my favorite podcasts is back… Off to do a little happy dance! Thanks, Lara!

  5. I am relatively new to TudorCast, having just discovered it about 6 months ago. I’d listened to all the “back” episodes, and have been anxiously awaiting your return. I was SO excited last night when I checked iTunes and your new episode was listed! I listened to it this morning—I’m so glad you’re back. We of course understand that life gets in the way of creating podcasts, but I’m so pleased you’re back!

  6. great episode. hope you come back with these!

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