Hampton Court Palace events this year

Hampton Court Palace‘s 500th anniversary events will start this Friday, and there is a lot going on!

Here are some highlights:

Henry VIII: heads and hearts

Special events for 2009

Tudor music festival

The Henry VIII talks at Hampton Court Palace

And of course, I have to link to the shopping. Here’s the web store for the Historic Royal Palaces – I love the “Divorced, Beheaded, Survived” charm bracelet. There is also a neat one with each of the wives’ badges.


  1. I will be going to the Henry VIII exhibition at Hampton court this month.I look forward to it especially with the new exhibit that has just been added which is the Heads and Hearts exhibition which started on April 3 and the temporary exhibit called Henry’s women which stars on the 10th of April.Cant wait.

  2. Has anyone played the new Heads and Hearts game? Its called Joust for king Henry VIII. Its were you have to pick a jousting character and you have to joust three opponents.It seems to get harder as you go along.Has anyone got through the third stage? I have only succeeded getting through stage 2.I cannot seem to beat the third opponent.Surrey has proved undefeaterble.I cannot defeat him.Has anyone else succeeded in doing so!?

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