Catch-up post

These are mostly updates to previous topics, so I’m just going to lump them all together:

* Henry, Mind of a Tyrant by David Starkey will be running on Channel 4 in the UK on Mondays in April. You can listen to a stream of the soundtrack by Philip Sheppard on the composer’s website

* A new painting of the Mary Rose that was reconstructed with new information of examination of the wreck and artifacts.

* Rediscovering Henry VIII – An article by David Starkey from the Times Online about the upcoming British Library exhibition Henry VIII: Man and Monarch that he is the guest curator of.

* Two articles about information that may have been lost during the restoration of the Cobbe portrait (that may or may not be of Shakespeare): Forsooth, restorers botched up bald bard William Shakespeare from The Guardian and Restorers ‘wiped away’ precious details from rare William Shakespeare portraits from The Telegraph


  1. I will be watching the series and going to the exhibition in april.
    Who else will be watching the series and going to the exhibition this year?

  2. Tudorrose, I’ll be going to the exhibit, but not until June or July when I will be in England. I won’t be watching the series unless it pops up on bitTorrent which I will keep an eye out for on the net.

  3. I was thinking of booking tickets for April the 23rd.The 500th anniversary to the day since Henry VIII came to the throne.I’ll also be watching the documentary mind of a tyrant when it comes on.Also i’ll be watching season 3 of the Tudors when it comes on.

  4. It’s quite a weekend for Starkey’s publicity circus in Britain. In the Telegraph he modestly denies he is Henry VIII’s reincarnation (but still they are very similar), and in the Observer he nostalgically compares the Hampstead Heath of his youth to Henry’s historical milieu:

    “The heath was as tightly regionalised and governed by etiquette as an early modern court. The upper bit by Jack Straw’s Castle was for the junior year, then as you went down towards the ponds the sex got heavier and heavier and more and more leathery.”

  5. I have met Starkey, who was very pleasant, and have enjoyed several of his books – but I do wish he would keep his memories of his Hampstead Heath adventures to himself, it is a public park after all. And we’ve heard it all before.
    Incidentally, he is appearing in an advert on Channel 4 at the moment with Tony Robinson (of Blackadder, Worst Jobs, Time Team, etc) disguised as members of the Women’s Institute – it is actually very funny.

  6. I haven’t seen this advert.Is it new.?

  7. Tudorrose – there are two adverts, the first has Starkey, Tony Robinson, Jon Snow (News) and Kevin McCloud (Grand Designs) as a pub quiz team. In the second one they have been barred for always winning, so turn up disguised as the Women’s Institute Quiz Team. They have been on about two weeks, mid to late evening, and are really rather good!

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