Stamps honoring the Tudors and the Mary Rose

More neat collectibles for those of you who are trying to keep up! I bought the Elizabeth 450 and Henry VIII 500 coins from the Royal Mint, but I so far have managed to hold off on all the cool stamps (we’ll see how long my resistance lasts).

All of these are from Buckingham First Day Covers and can be ordered at their website. Here is the press release for these covers (PDF).

The images below go to larger versions:


  1. Glenda Jackson?! Very Funny. Think its a still from Mary Queen of Scots:)

  2. I would like to get theese stamps.I saw stamps Tudor related in a magazine suppliment.

  3. Bladerunner, Glenda Jackson was the first person I spotted, too!

    Why is she featured? In the U.S., a person can’t appear on a stamp until they’ve been dead a few years. Does that not apply in the U.K.? Or is it that she is playing a character and that character has been gone for a long while?

    I have to laugh with glee about all the collectables now for sale regarding “The Tudors”. Some are quality items, others are just fun ‘junque’ 🙂

  4. Glenda Jackson’s image is just on the first day cover, not on a stamp. I don’t know if you saw the press release, but she’s also autographing some of the covers, which would be a neat collectible for people who are fans of her portrayals of Elizabeth.

  5. I have a lovely autographed picture of Glenda Jackson as Elizabeth. Its a costume still from Mary Queen of Scots. Always thought she should do an Elizabeth and Essex , now that she’s more of an age for it;)

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