Celebration of London in June

With, of course, some celebrations of the Henry VIII anniversary rolled in. I’d love to see this!

From This is London:

A TUDOR pageant is to take place on the Thames to mark the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s coronation.

Actors playing the king and members of his court will be aboard a magnificent flotilla sailing from the Tower of London to Hampton Court Palace. The pageant will be the highlight of a month-long series of cultural activities celebrating the history of London, which was launched today by Mayor Boris Johnson.

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  1. Oh, darn! I’ll just miss that one. But I will be in England in time for the June 28 (Henry’s birthday) celebration in Portsmouth. This one looks like fun: Portsmouth Tudor Celebration

  2. Any one who is lucky to be in england can you guys tape it for those of us who are stuck at home just a little suggestion!


  3. Just had to grin…

    “Actors playing the part of Henry and members of his court”…what, Henry and his courtiers are busy that day and can’t come in person??

    Of everything read about the celebrations so far, THIS is what I would really like to see. No doubt a bit of shore-line would have to be secured underneath my feet hours before the pageant, but just imagine the people watching 🙂

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