500th anniversary celebrations page

I’ve been compiling a “master list” of events, exhibitions, conferences, etc. taking place to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s accession. I’m going to put a permanent link to it over on the side bar and I’ll update it as new information comes in. Please email me (lara [at] tudorhistory.org) or post a comment if you know of things that I don’t have listed. I haven’t gone looking for stuff yet (just posting what people have emailed to me) so I’m sure there are things out there I’m missing.

And… If anyone gets a chance to attend any of these, I’d some write-ups to post here on the blog. I seriously doubt I’m going to get to any of these so I’ll have to live vicariously though all of you who do get to them!


(edited July 2013 – the page was removed a couple of years ago after the events had passed)


  1. Lara, here’s one at the National Portrait Gallery in London:
    Henry VIII exhibit

  2. Thanks! I haven’t had a chance to look through their site yet.

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