Upcoming conference at the UK National Archives

Another event next year to mark the big Tudor anniversaries of 2009:

Tudor power, pageantry and propaganda

A one-day conference to celebrate the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s coronation and the 450th anniversary of Elizabeth I’s coronation

Saturday 21 March 2009

This one-day conference celebrates the 500th anniversary of Henry VIII’s coronation in 1509 and the 450th anniversary of Elizabeth’s coronation in 1559. The Tudor age has long been considered one of special splendour and the day will look at ways in which England’s most famous and easily recognisable royal dynasty used ceremonial, chivalric values, royal magnificence and propaganda to establish its position and power. The conference will also look at how the individual monarchs projected their own self-image to reinforce their personal and political power. What was reality and what was image? What effect, if any, did changes in religion, for example, have on the religious orders of the coronations?

There will be a display of documents from The National Archives on the day, focusing on the royal imagery and ceremony of the period. This will highlight how the symbolic significance of the royal coronations and the dramatic and lavish funerals were used to affirm the legitimacy of the Tudor dynasty.

Full details at the National Archives page for the event

I’d love a report from anyone who gets to go!

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