Portrait of Lucrezia Borgia identified

From The BBC:

A mysterious Renaissance portrait has been identified as a painting of infamous Italian femme fatale Lucrezia Borgia by artist Dosso Dossi.

Australia’s National Gallery of Victoria said it could be the only surviving painted portrait of Lucrezia.

The painting will go on public display identified as Dossi’s Lucrezia Borgia later this week, following years of painstaking research, the gallery said.

“It has been very exciting to unlock the secrets of this beautiful and enigmatic painting, which now has unique standing in view of the fame of its sitter and the strength of the artist,” said Mr Villis.

“Generations of art historians have attempted to identify portraits of Lucrezia Borgia, but this appears to be the only one which contains direct personal references to this intriguing historical figure.

Full article (with image)

Lucrezia Borgia is yet another one of those interesting Tudor-period contemporaries that I need to read more about. Tip of the French hood to Kathy for the link!


  1. Lara you find the best news! But I will never understand how historians can compare coins to paintings. You could match that coin to any number of paintings.

    coin: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/3/35/Borja-coin.jpg

  2. I can’t take credit for most my finds – they are either through Google alerts or through links sent in.

    As for this portrait, I haven’t had a chance to dig much further yet, but I’d be curious to know what their “extensive research” was that was mentioned in the article. My knowledge of Renaissance Italy is sparse anyway, so a little digging might be fun. And I’ve always liked the women’s clothing of that era and place. 🙂

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