Looking for a few good Henrys

From 24 Hour Museum:

Past Pleasures Ltd needs you to be Henry VIII.

Hampton Court Palace is on the lookout for a couple of men with the stature and regal posture to play England


  1. Like the way Hampton Court is going to celebrate Henry 🙂

    Do have to wonder why they are focusing on the end of his life, however. Could it be because most people immediately, when hearing the name Henry VIII, think of an ageing, overweight, and ill-tempered king?

  2. Henry’s marriage to Katherine Parr was the only one that took place at HCP, so if they wanted to do a wedding ceremony that sort of limited the options. 🙂

    They’ve had some stuff this year on the younger Henry (an exhibition and a conference, IIRC), but I don’t know if it will continue into next year for the 500th anniversary.

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