Portrait of Elizabeth I as princess found

From the BBC:

A rare portrait of Queen Elizabeth I as a young princess has been discovered in a private collection at a stately home in Northamptonshire.
The portrait, dating from 1650 to 1680, was found in the Duke of Buccleuch’s collection at Boughton House.

It shows Elizabeth with siblings Edward VI and Mary I, father Henry VIII and his jester, Will Somers.
Tracy Borman said that when she was first sent a picture of the portrait she realised it had never been seen before.

“The more we found out, the more obvious it was that nobody had come across this,” she said.

“It’s clearly a copy of a lost original and it’s that mystery that we started to try to solve.

“It’s also a very different look to Elizabeth and comparing it to other portraits it helps us to solve the identity of other portraits – for example one always known as the Unknown Lady in the National Portrait Gallery.”

Full article (with link to enlarged full photo)

And here is a link at the NPG to a similar image that was previously thought to be Jane Grey, but now looks like it might be Elizabeth.


  1. This is a fascinating devlopment! And Elizabeth here does look so similar to those portraits believed to be her.
    The June episode of BBC History Magazine podcast apparently has an interview with Alison Weir about the portrait too.

  2. I have seen this picture before in an old biography. It is similar to the one of Henry, Mary and Will Somers. It still looks like a composite to me of exisiting portraits, especially as costumes are concerned.

  3. The Unknown Woman portrait is currently on display at Montacute House, Somerset, UK.

    UK listeners can hear the interview with Tracy Borman about the newly discovered portrait at the BBC Radio 4 Today programme website.


  4. Correction to above.

    Anyone can hear the interview with Tracy Borman at


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