Podcast on hold for a while

This is the audio version of the announcement I posted yesterday.

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  1. Enjoy the break, Laura, and I for one will look forward to your return. I enjoy the podcasts a lot.

    Heather, UK

  2. Hi Lara,

    I hope you had a great summer! Any sense of when you’ll be able to post another episode? I miss TudorCast!!

  3. Howdy! I don’t really know when I’m going to be able to focus on the podcast again, since there are still a lot of things up in the air and I’m really busy at work. If nothing else, I do hope to get something out for the 450th anniversary of Elizabeth’s accession to the throne!

  4. I look forward to hearing your podcast again. Hope it’s soon
    When you do return if you want to record a promo/announcement saying you’re back then I’ll happily play it on my podcast, Historyzine

  5. Thanks jimmowatt, I’ll keep that in mind. As I said in my reply to the previous comment, I’m just not sure when I’ll be able to focus on it again. But we’ll see!

  6. I just discoverd your site because I am reading the Other Boleyn Girl right now and wanted some background info on the book. I am a history student and I got really exited when I found the podcasts on your site. I know you are not updating them right now but I would just like to let you know that I am happy you made the ones that are on the site. I am going to London next week and will have something good to listen to in the car while going there 🙂
    Marlies from the Netherlands

  7. Thanks Marlies, have a great time in London!

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