Podcast on hold for a while

Hello all! Due to the upcoming sale of our house and move (back in to Austin proper – we’re out in a rural area near Elgin right now) my weekends are going to be completely eaten up soon. So, I’ve decided to put the podcast on hiatus for the summer. We’re hoping to take a vacation to Maine again this year too, so I’ll probably just aim to start back up in September or October. This will also give me a little time to think some more about a few format changes that I’ve been considering. And this will allow me to finally get on a schedule to put the podcast out at the beginning of a month instead of the end! 🙂

I apologize to all the folks who have emailed me telling me how much they look forward to the podcast every month since they’re going to have a bit of a wait for the next one now! But I’ll still be updating the website and news blog as time allows, so you can still get your “Tudor fix”.

Until the fall, fare thee well!

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