Mary Queen of Scots’ death warrant purchased

From Reuters:

The Church of England has bought the only surviving copy of the warrant which Queen Elizabeth I reluctantly signed in 1587, authorising the execution of her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots.

The warrant, one of the most dramatic documents in British history, will go on display at the Lambeth Palace Library.

The manuscript instructed Henry Grey, the sixth Earl of Kent and one of two commissioners tasked with the execution, to “repair to our Castle of Fotheringhaye where the said queene of Scottes is in custodie and cause by your commaundement execution to be don uppon her person.”

Full article (with picture)

[Update 10 April 2008 – The Daily Record is reporting that the document will be going on display at the Blairs Museum in Scotland]

[Update 17 November 2008 – According to the BBC, the document is now on display]

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