Survey results…

ACK! I totally forgot to post this Friday afternoon/evening and just now remembered it.

Here’s the graphical output for the results (click for a larger version)

And here are the raw numbers — there were a total of 213 votes cast, so here’s how the responses break down in actual votes and percentages (winner in bold):

Who is your favorite Tudor monarch?
Henry VII – 7 votes, 3.3%
Henry VIII – 62 votes, 29.1%
Edward VI – 0 votes, 0% (poor Edward!)
Jane Grey – 10 votes, 4.7%
Mary I – 4 votes, 1.9%
Elizabeth I – 130 votes, 61%

If you could go back in time and witness just one of the following events, which would it be?
The Battle of Bosworth Field – 14 votes, 6.6%
The wedding of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII – 43 votes, 20.2%
The Field of Cloth of Gold – 54 votes, 25.5%
The coronation of Elizabeth I – 77 votes, 36.2%
The defeat of the Spanish Armada – 25 votes, 11.7%

Did you study the Tudors at school (any education level)?
Yes – 128 votes, 60.1%
No – 85 votes, 39.9%

Have you ever attended or participated in a Renaissance Faire or historical re-enactment activity?
Yes – 114 votes, 53.5%
No – 99 votes, 46.5%

Do you have a Tudor-related tattoo?
Yes – 7
No – 206 votes, 96.7%


  1. You should do another survey! That was great!

  2. Oh definitely…. Plus the software that came with the webhosting plan was pretty easy to use so it won’t be too hard to set up another. I probably won’t get around to it for a little while, but I’ll come up with something!

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