Survey results…

ACK! I totally forgot to post this Friday afternoon/evening and just now remembered it.

Here’s the graphical output for the results (click for a larger version)

And here are the raw numbers — there were a total of 213 votes cast, so here’s how the responses break down in actual votes and percentages (winner in bold):

Who is your favorite Tudor monarch?
Henry VII – 7 votes, 3.3%
Henry VIII – 62 votes, 29.1%
Edward VI – 0 votes, 0% (poor Edward!)
Jane Grey – 10 votes, 4.7%
Mary I – 4 votes, 1.9%
Elizabeth I – 130 votes, 61%

If you could go back in time and witness just one of the following events, which would it be?
The Battle of Bosworth Field – 14 votes, 6.6%
The wedding of Catherine of Aragon and Henry VIII – 43 votes, 20.2%
The Field of Cloth of Gold – 54 votes, 25.5%
The coronation of Elizabeth I – 77 votes, 36.2%
The defeat of the Spanish Armada – 25 votes, 11.7%

Did you study the Tudors at school (any education level)?
Yes – 128 votes, 60.1%
No – 85 votes, 39.9%

Have you ever attended or participated in a Renaissance Faire or historical re-enactment activity?
Yes – 114 votes, 53.5%
No – 99 votes, 46.5%

Do you have a Tudor-related tattoo?
Yes – 7
No – 206 votes, 96.7%


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  1. Oh definitely…. Plus the software that came with the webhosting plan was pretty easy to use so it won’t be too hard to set up another. I probably won’t get around to it for a little while, but I’ll come up with something!

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