Responding to a few comments

Hey folks! I just wanted to respond to a couple of comments that I saw in the iTunes reviews….

First off, if you want to get episodes that aren’t showing on iTunes screen for the podcast, they can all still be downloaded off the blog (you’ll have to go to the archives section). I changed the settings so that a year’s worth of posts will show on the front page, so hopefully the feed will update and the intro ep. and first ep. will show up on the iTunes page. I don’t think this will change what is automatically downloaded to your individual podcatcher, but I could be wrong…

The other thing I’d like to address is the infrequency of the podcast. I know that some of you would like for the podcast to come out more often, and believe me, I wish I could get more than one out a month. At this point, I just can’t manage that. I my wildest dreams I’d like to be able to get a “this week in Tudor history” out each week. That might be something to shoot for in the new year. We’ll just have to see. Maybe if I can get my desk cleaned off and something set up in my home office (as opposed to my work office, where I usually record) I’ll be able to get something out more often. This is all still just an experiment, so I’m sure things will continue to change over the next few months!

Thanks again to all of you who have taken the time to listen to and comment on the podcast!

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  1. Hi Lara,

    I was one of those who reviewed your podcast on iTunes and said that I wished it came out more often. Please know that I meant that as a compliament, not a complaint. The best podcasts always leave you wanting more! I certainly understand why you cannot produce the show more frequently, I am just grateful that you do! Thanks again for all your hard work.

  2. Oh no.. not to worry, I didn’t take it as a complaint, just a comment. I just wanted to kind of explain why I couldn’t get it out more often. Like I said above, I do hope to try to get something out a little more often in the future though. I can’t imagine how some of the other podcasters can find the time to do the shows as often as they do!

  3. keep up the good work – the podcasts are excellent, very enjoyable

  4. Your podcast and webpage are amazing. Keep up the good work!

  5. Kudos for a great podcast; I am enjoying listening to your podcasts and I thought I wasn’t interested in medieval history! I especially appreciate the music notes.

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