NY Times Article on “The Tudors”

From the article:

“The Tudors” opens in 1520, with Henry still given to enjoying himself, but increasingly troubled. Soon after his accession to the throne, he obtained papal dispensation to marry the widow of his elder brother, Arthur, who had died in 1502. But while Katherine (Maria Doyle Kennedy) has given him a daughter (the future Queen Mary I), five sons have died — and Henry is now worried that God disapproves of his marriage.

The look of 16th-century life has also been carefully recreated by Tom Conroy, the production designer, in furniture and tapestries, in pewter, silver and porcelain tableware and in musical instruments. Joan Bergin, the costume designer, has in turn researched Tudor-era paintings to add authenticity — but not too much — to the 2,500 costumes that have been made or rented for the occasion.

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If the image with the article is anything to go by, they are going to be taking liberties with the costumes… I think it is a scene of a masque or something, since the men look like they are wearing Roman outfits.

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