An Elizabethan Day Out

Folks in England in July will have a chance to experience Elizabethan life in Cornwall:

Experience Elizabethan life with the Newman family.

It’s July 15th 1581 and the Newman’s are at home in their cottage near the waterside at Saltash, Cornwall, proud that their young daughter, Mary, has married the now famous seafarer, Francis Drake.

However day-to-day Elizabethan life must go on, and you can experience how things might have been for the Newman family at a special open day at their old home in Culver Road, Saltash. Just to enter the simple portals of this 15th century building and breathe in the air of history is guaranteed to transport you back in time.

Join Mrs. Newman at work in the kitchen, or creating some blackwork in the upper rooms, before taking a leisurely look around the garden with the head of the house discovering plants of the age and how they were used in everyday life. If you want to relax you can take in the fabulous river views whilst being serenaded by the period musicians, as the children dress up in clothes of the period and enjoy games such as Cup and Ball or Nine Man Morris.

It’s a fun history lesson and a great day out and it all happens on Saturday July 15th at Mary Newman’s Cottage, Culver Road, Saltash from mid-day until 4.00 p.m. Adult admission is just £2.00 each and children can enjoy the fun for £1.00 each. For more information about the event or how to help contact 07767 444816.

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