TudorCast #2 – June 2006

Show notes:

Website of the month – UK National Archives Palaeolography tutorial http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/palaeography/

All music in this episode is by the group La Primavera.

You can listen to the complete tracks, as well as the other tunes on this album, at Magnatune.com

Opening/introduction music: Excerpt from “Greensleeves”

Between the News Recap and the Website of the Month: Excerpt from “Wolsey’s Wilde”

Between the Website of the Month and This Month in Tudor History: Excerpt from “Volt and La Primavera”

Between This Month in Tudor History and Texts from the Tudor Period: another excerpt from “Greensleeves”

Closing music: Excerpt from “Oxenford”

Lyrics to “Pastime With Good Company” (these aren’t exactly the same as the lyrics in the song in the podcast, but pretty close)

Pastime with good company I love, and shall until I die;
Grudge who lill but none deny so this live will I
For my pastance, hunt sing and dance; My heart is set,
All goodly sport, to my comfort, who shall me let?

Youth must have some dalliance, of good or ill some pastance;
Company me thinketh best allthoughts and fancies to digest;
For idleness is chief mistress of vices all:
Then who can say but mirth and play is best of all?

Company with honesty is virtue sure; and vice to flee,
Company is good or ill, but every man has his free will.
The best I sue, the worst eschew; My mind shall be
Virtue to use, vice to refuse, I shall use me.

Amazon links to “Reading Tudor and Stuart Handwriting”

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Episode transcript

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  1. I was really jazzed to learn that “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” has been re-issued on DVD. I’ve been looking for it on video or DVD for years! I remember watching this when I was a kid and it’s really what made me fall in love with history especially Tudor history.

    Love the podcast!

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