TudorCast #1 – May 2006

Well, here it is at last, the first full episode of TudorCast! Sorry that it took a little longer to get posted than I had hoped.

Show notes:

Website of the month – Gode Cookery www.godecookery.com

All music in this episode is by the group La Primavera.

You can listen to the complete tracks, as well as the other tunes on this album, at Magnatune.com

Opening/introduction music: Excerpt from “Greensleeves”

Between the News Recap and the Website of the Month: Excerpt from “Wolsey’s Wilde”

Between the Website of the Month and This Month in Tudor History: Excerpt from “Volt and La Primavera”

Between This Month in Tudor History and Texts from the Tudor Period: another excerpt from “Greensleeves”

Between Texts from the Tudor Period and Reviews and Closing Comments: Excerpt from “Bransle de Malte”

Closing music: Excerpt from “Oxenford”

Episode transcript

Direct mp3 download

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