Cast news for Showtime “The Tudors” series

From Reuters:

Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam and Henry Cavill have joined the cast of Showtime’s Henry VIII drama “The Tudors.”

Neill will play Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, Henry VIII’s most important government minister, who possessed great power until he failed to secure for Henry a divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

Northam will play famed lawyer, writer and politician Sir Thomas More, who is chiefly remembered for his principled refusal to accept Henry VIII’s claim to be the supreme head of the Church of England, a decision that ended his political career and led to his execution as a traitor.

Cavill will play Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Brandon was Henry VIII’s closest friend, but their friendship was sorely tested when Brandon secretly married Henry’s favorite sister, the beautiful Princess Mary Tudor.

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I’m excited to see Sam Neill in the cast, although he might not be rotund enough for Wolsey!

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