Couple of new blogs in the works

Hopefully in the next day or so I’ll be ready to launch two new blogs that I’ve been working on adding to this site.

The first will be a Question and Answer blog to replace the Query page that is up now. I’ll have a detailed explanation of its intended purpose and how it use it up shortly. I think it will be the best solution for folks who don’t want to join the discussion lists, but still have questions they want answered.

The other blog will be just a personal one. I’ve had one on my homepage for a while, but it’s mainly been for updating friends and family about stuff like vacations and the storm damage to our house back in March. But, it wasn’t really what I was looking for in a personal “outlet” blog. Since my friends, family and my boyfriend really get tired of hearing me go on about some things, I thought a personal blog at the Tudor site would be a good answer. I have one or two more things to test, but I should have it linked to the main page and on this blog in the next day or so.

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