Archive Post: New Years Resolution 1998

As part of my New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve decided that come heck or high water, I’m going to England !!!!! Right now, the plan is to leave on May 12th and return the 23rd. It’s not near enough time for me to do and see everything that I want to, but since I haven’t won the lottery, (yet… I’ve got to keep some optimism) I have to come back to Texas and work for a living! I plan on making the rounds of museums and of course the Tudor must-sees. Hopefully I’ll be able to replace a lot of the photos of castles and monuments with my own, and therefore completely avoid any possible copyright violations. : )

In the process of preparing for the trip, I’ve purchased several guides to London and Great Britain. One of the ones that I really like are the “Let’s Go” series. I’ve used them for travels in the US and I’ve found them quite useful. So, you can imagine how disappointed I was to find the following sentence in the history section of the London guide:

Referring to Henry VIII: “Despite eight marriages, Henry would never be blessed with a male heir.”

Well, I’m sure all of you can see the problems with this… I plan on writing them a little note to set them straight! After all, they do ask for reader feedback and corrections, and I feel it is my Tudor duty to let them know that they goofed!

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