Upcoming Books, Exhibitions, and Events for December 2017


I have only one book listed as a new release this month (as always, that probably means I’m missing a bunch!).

Sarah-Beth Watkins has a new work out titled Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scots: The Life of King Henry VIII’s Sister which will be out in both the UK and US in early December:

And one title that has already been released in the UK will be out in the US in December:

Discovering Tudor London: A Journey Back in Time by Natalie Grueninger was published in the UK over the summer and will be out in paperback in the US on December 1.

Continuing Exhibitions and Displays

Reformation – Shattered World, New Beginnings opened on June 26 and runs through December 15 at the Senate House Library at the University of London. You can download a digital copy of the exhibition catalogue for free at the website.

Henry VII: The First Royal Portrait opened at the Museum of Somerset on October 17, 2017 and runs through January 6, 2018. The 1505 portrait of Henry VII is on loan to the museum from the National Portrait Gallery. Check the link for more information, including associated events.

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