Descendants of Margaret Tudor - Chart by Lara Eakins.
To show the marriage of Mary Queen of Scots and Henry Lord Darnley I had to make the chart fairly wide, so you will need to scroll side to side. Also, some dates were uncertain (noted by a c. or two dates, such as 1554/5) and in most cases I've gone with what is listed in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

Descendants of Mary Tudor - Chart by Lara Eakins.

Descent from William the Conqueror to Charles III - Chart by Lara Eakins.
Monarchs of England/United Kingdom in bold type

Issue of Henry VII

Descent of Henry VIII's wives from the Plantagenets- from The Six Wives of Henry VIII Illustrated Edition by Antonia Fraser
(NOTE: There is at least one error on this chart, up in the Brabant and Segrave area.)

Yorkist kings and connection to the Tudors

The Descendants of Edward III (image - 72K)

Direct descent of King Charles III and heirs from Henry VII and Elizabeth of York