15 May 2020

I removed the "Tudor descent from Llywelyn the Great of Wales" page until I can do some more research to double-check if it's accurate.

18 May 2012

Fixed the start of Queen Anne's reign on the "Descent of William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II" tree - I previously had 1704 when it should have been 1702.

24 June 2011

I've finally fixed the error on Mary Tudor's chart with the two Henry Earl of Lincolns. I originally had only one, but now have split them to correctly reflect that Mary and Charles had two sons by that name. I went with the date in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography entry for Mary for the birth year of the second Henry.

29 December 2010

Updated the HTML pages to new design and added a few notes to the index page. Added links to relevant biographies on the Elizabeth II descent page.