Over the years that I've had this site (in one form or another) I've received lots of questions from students needing help on a paper or report. Some questions come in the form of "Send me everything you've got on Henry VIII." My response usually is, "If I have it in electronic form, it's on this website" and then I point the student in the direction of some of resources that they might be able to find in their library or bookstore.

The point is, while there is a lot of information on the web your best resource is still going to be books. Although there is a lot of good information about 16th century England on the web, and many websites can be found in the links section of this site, ultimately the web is not a substitute for your library.

If you are still having trouble after you've read through these pointers, you can submit a question to the Question and Answer Blog.

If you can't find the books you are looking for at your school library, try a city library or even a local university (most likely you'll have to read the books there, but you may be able to arrange to get someone to check the books out for you). If none of these sources work out, try an Interlibrary Loan Service. Ask your librarian for more information.

Finally, here is some great advice from the Richard III Society website:

Don't put off your research until the last possible minute! If you do, you'll have real trouble getting the sources you need, and this web site will not be able to do the whole job for you. Start your library search as early as possible, and you'll be surprised how much material you can get!

Good luck with your research, and I hope that you are inspired to learn more about Tudor History even past when your assignment is due!