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2008 Ghost Story contest winners

The winner and an honorable mention for this year's ghost story contest have been selected!

Here's the report from the judge, Sandra Worth:

So nice to see so much talent! The stories were an amazingly good crop of entries and it was difficult to choose from amongst them, especially for Honorable Mention. I feel they were so good, they all deserved that. The winner of the contest wrote a story that was gripping the first time I read it, and also when I re-read it and knew what to expect. The winner also displayed a flawless grasp of fundamentals such as dialogue, structure, word choices, characters, point of view, all of which were expertly handled in a complex and tense story of time travel.

The winner is Innocent Ghost

I have also chosen Why, This is Hell for Honorable Mention.


You can read the stories here:

Innocent Ghost by Madeline Martin

Why, This is Hell by Kathy Marcella

Congrats to the winners and thanks to Wendy for organizing the contest and Sandra for judging!