1. Edmund, Earl of Richmond, was buried in the Church of the Grey Friars at Carmarthen, but on the suppression of the Abbey his remams were removed to the Cathedral of St. Davids. The inscription on his monument described him as 'father and brother of Kings ' (Cooper, pp. 9, l0, 1l).

2. Cf. note, p. 12. Fisher, speaking about fifty years later, said that she was only fourteen at the time of Henry's birth (and cf. Hall's Chronicle), but he also said that she was nearly nine before 1450. Possibly he confused the date of her marriage with that of her son's birth.

3. Bernard Andre, Vita Henrici Septimi, p. 14. Cf. Shakespeare, third part of King Henry VI, Act IV, sc. vi, where Richmond is presented to Henry VI by the Duke of Somerset.

4. I am indebted to the courtesy of the Rev. Canon H. F. Westlake for the following notes of their movements between 1466 and 1471, taken from the Household Books of the Lady Margaret, in the Muniments of Westminster Abbey.


1466. Jan. 10 - Sept. 16. At Burn (given variously as Burne, la Brune, or Brune; either Burn in Yorkshire or Bourn in Lincs.).

1467. Jan.20 - March 4. At London; Westminster or Lambeth. Thence again to Burn.

1467. March 29-Aug. 24. At Woking.

1467. Aug. 24. To Basingstoke, Andover, Salisbury, Shaftesbury, Yeovll, Wells, Bristol, Chepstow, Rayland (Wreyland?) (Sept. 12-18), Bristol, Wells, Glastonbury, Thornbury, Sampford Peverel (here Lady Margaret had, in the next reign, the right to hold two fairs annually), and then to Woking.

1467. (Nov. 8) to 1468 (April 29), at Woking.

1468. April 30. To London, Ware, Royston, Huntingdon, and back to London. Thence to Woking.

1469. Aug. 23-Sept. 2. At London.

1469. Sept. 5. Visits to Odiham and Eversley.

1469. October 10. 21 days in London, 15 at Woking.

1470. March 7. London, Barnet, St. Albans, Hitchin, St. Neots, Oundle, Stamford, Bourn (March 14), Grantham, Newark, Doncaster, Rotherham, Pontefract, York, Bentley, York (March 22-27), Pontefract, Worksop, Mansfield, Sherwood, Nottingham, Leicester, Coventry, Chipping Norton, Burford, Cirencester, Tetbury (April 9), Langport, Sampford Peverel,Exeter, Yeovil, Shaftesbury, Salisbury, Andover, Basingstoke, Farnborough.

1470. June 23-Nov. 5. Mainly in London and Woking with visits to Midhurst and Windsor.

1470. Nov. 8. To Maidenhead and Henley.

1470. Nov. 26. 23 days in London.

1471. Jan. 15. Guildford, Staines, Reading ('ad sessiones et alias pro Rege'). This was during the brief restoration of King Henry Vl. Thence mainly at Woking till June 21.

5. See Fronticepiece.

6. Cooper (p. 233, note) says 'apparently the following: "Lucun, Suetoine en Saluste en francois"; Printed in Paris in 1470 by Pierre le Rouge for Anth: Verard.' Cooper cites from Greswell, Annals of Parisian Typogr., p. 203.

7. W. J. Loftie, Windsor Castle, p. 164, and Dict. of National Biography.