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Gladethe thoue Queyne of Scottis regioun,
Ying tendir plaunt of plesand pulcritude,
Fresche flour of youthe, new germyng to burgeoun,
Our perle of price, our princes fair and gud,
Our chairbunkle chosin of hye Imperiale blud,
Our Roys Riale, most reverent vnder Crovne,
Joy be and grace onto thi Selcitud!
Gladethe thoue Queyne of Scottis regioun.


O hye trivmphing peradiss of joy,
Lodsteir and lamp of eivry lustines,
Of port surmounting Pollexen of Troy,
Dochtir to Pallas in angellik brichtnes,
Mastres of nurtur and of nobilnes,
Of fresch depictour princes and patroun,
O hevin in erthe of ferlifull suetnes:
Gladethe thoue Queyne of Scottis regioune.


Of thi fair fegour natur micht reioiyss,
That so the kervit withe all hir curiys slicht;
Sche has the maid this verray wairldis chois,
Schawing on the hir craftis and hir micht,
To se quhow fair sche couthe depant a wicht,
Quhow gud, quhow noble of all condicioun,
Quhow womanly in eivry mannis sicht:
Gladethe thoue Queyne of Scottis regioun.


Rois red and quhit, resplendent of colour,
New of thi knop, at morrow fresche atyrit,
One stalk yet grene, O! ying and tendir flour,
That with thi luff has all this Regioun firit;
Gret Gode ws graunt that we have long desirit,
A plaunt to spring of thi successioun,
Syne with ale grace his spreit to be inspirit:
Gladethe thoue Queyne of Scottis regioun.


O precius Mergreit, pleasand, cleir, and quhit,
Moir blith and bricht na is the beriall schene,
Moir deir na is the diamaunt of delit,
Moir semely na is the sapheir one to seyne,
Moir gudely eik na is the emerant greyne,
Moir riche na is the ruby of renovne,
Fair gem of joy, Mergreit of the I meyne:
Gladethe thoue Queyne of Scottis regioun.

From The Poems of William Dunbar
by H. Bellyse Baildon (1907) via Google Books