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Thus sore and sad that lady griev'd,

In Cumner Hall so lone and drear,

And many a heartfelt sigh she heav'd,

And let fall many a bitter tear.


And ere the dawn of day appear'd,

In Cumner Hall so lone and drear,

Full many a piercing scream was heard,

And many a cry of mortal fear.


The death-bell thrice was heard to ring,

An aerial voice was heard to call;

And thrice the raven flapp'd its wing

Around the tow'rs of Cumner Hall.


The mastiff howl'd at village dorr,

The oaks were shattered on the green;

Woe was the hour-for never more

That hapless Countess e'er was seen.


And in that manor now no more

Is cheerful feast and sprightly ball;

Forever since that dreary hour

Have spirits haunted Cumner Hall.


-- William Mickle