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9 May 2020

Changed out the title pic to Oxburgh Hall and removed the "coming soon" places - although they are still coming soon!

24 November 2012

Fixed some typos on the Westminster Abbey history page

22 May 2012

Added the Palace of Holyroodhouse and Penshurst Place images and short (for now) histories

3 May 2012

I have finally decided to just go ahead and rename this section "Places" since in addition to the buildings here now, I have plans for entries on towns and geographical features (such as the Thames).

1 June 2010

Updated design

11 April 2009

Slightly changed the name of Holyroodhouse. Added some more "in progress" titles.

7 December 2008

Added photo of Hampton Court Palace and names of places under construction

3 April 2008

Added title graphic