Salinas, Maria de

Seymour, Edward - Earl of Hertford, Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector

Seymour, Edward - Earl of Hertford and Baron Beauchamp

Seymour, Jane - Queen of England

Seymour, John

Seymour, Thomas - Lord High Admiral and Baron Seymour of Sudeley

Shakespeare, William

Sidney, Sir Henry

Sidney, Mary - Countess of Pembroke

Sidney, Philip

Simnel, Lambert

Simon Renard

Skelton, John

Smeaton, Mark

Somers, Will

Spenser, Edmund

Stafford, Edward - 3rd Duke of Buckingham

Stafford, Henry - Lord and Baron Stafford

Stanhope, Anne

Stanley, Sir William

Stephen Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester and Lord Chancellor

Stuart, Arabella - Lady

Stuart, Henry - Lord Darnley

Stuart, James (IV) - King of Scotland

Stuart, James (V) - King of Scotland

Stuart, James (VI/ I) - King of Scotland and England

Stuart, Mary - Queen of France and Scotland

Sybille of Cleves