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Mary at about the time of her marriage to the French heir.

The Royal Collection

Mary by a follower of Clouet, probably based on the above painting

National Trust

Drawing of Mary, after Clouet.

NPG London

Mary in mourning for Francis II. Painted by an known artist.

The Royal Collection

Mary Queen of Scots by an unknown artist, c. 1620

The Royal Collection at Windsor Castle

Mary c.1578 by Nicholas Hilliard. Mount added in the late 17th century.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Mary and her son James VI/I dated 1583

Collection of the Duke of Atholl at Blair Castle, Perthshire

Mary Queen of Scots, after Nicholas Hilliard. c. 1610. Oil on panel.

NPG London

Wax figure of Mary, based on the common image of Mary seen in the above portraits

At Madame Tussaud's, London; Photograph by Lara E. Eakins

A drawing of Mary's execution by a Dutch artist. Scottish National Portrait Gallery
The beautiful tomb of Mary Queen of Scots in Westminster Abbey. She had originally been buried at Peterborough Cathedral after her execution, but was re-interred at Westminster by her son, King James VI/I © Pitkin Guides